We have years of experience in implementing and enhancing SAP, as well as providing solutions that support and integrate with existing SAP systems. We have had the privilege of serving as consultants on multiple projects for our customers. Through the years, this has provided us with an understanding of the evolving needs of businesses and systems.

Whether it be Finance, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence, or other business needs you may have, contact us to see how we can be of service to you.

Depending on where your business is right now, we have the skills and experience to offer in the following areas:

Implementation of SAP Core Functionality

You may be considering:

  • a new implementation of SAP's Enterprise Applications;

  • implementing additional SAP functionality/modules within your existing SAP system; or

  • rolling SAP out to a business unit or subsidiary company.

You wish to harness SAP's capabilities to work for your business in one or more areas. However, it is an intensive task that may involve different areas in your organisation. With our years of SAP experience in different industries, we are well placed to offer you our consultation and implementation services.

Extending Your Investment in SAP

With SAP core functionality in place, you're managing your business with greater control over your business transactions. At the same time, you have improved real-time visibility of the important areas in your business. By and large, your IT investments are working well for your organisation.

However, you are keenly aware that in the business world, nothing stays unchanged. Below, we discuss how you may further leverage technology to your advantage.

Extending the Process Chain

A successful implementation of SAP will produce efficient process chains within the organisation. Having implemented SAP, your organisation is likely to be reaping substantial benefits from the increased visibility and speedy availability of business information. However, businesses do not exist in isolation - they collaborate with multiple partners. Your business may be exchanging a huge amount of information with customers, vendors, logistics providers, etc. With SAP increasing efficiency within your organisation, efficiency in cross-organisation process chains often becomes the next area that needs improvement.

Initiatives to streamline cross-organisation process chains such as the Supply Chain, are highly involved and generally require cooperation, deep commitment and technology integration among multiple business parties. A clear focus on objectives, strong leadership, and sustained communication across and within organisations are some of the ingredients which are essential for success.

We have successfully assisted customers in this area, and are familiar with the challenges involved. We may be the partner you are looking for in your mission to increase efficiency across process chains.

Business Intelligence

Your business is capturing and receiving a lot of useful information all the time.

  • Every working day, your SAP system is capturing business data.

  • At the same time, the different departments in your organisation could be using different systems or maintaining complicated spreadsheets for a variety of purposes, such as, planning, budgeting, warehouse management or tracking customer satisfaction.

  • Your departments are also receiving information from vendors, customers, logistics service providers, banks and other business partners on a regular basis.

All this adds up to a wealth of data that you can potentially use to make better business decisions.

Imagine that these disparate data are linked, with common terms of reference, and collated in a centrally accessible location. You can analyse enterprise and previously isolated departmental data together. When you spot something, you can drill down in that direction, regardless of data source. While this is a lot of information, simplicity is not compromised; you have the flexibility to put together simple views of your data at every level you wish to analyse. Decision-making can take into consideration the trends, anomalies and opportunities that you are now better able to spot. This is Business Intelligence.

We have the expertise to understand your data landscape and help you crystallise your plans. Let us support your effort in building data warehousing, decision support and performance reporting systems.

Building Capability Unique to Your Business

When it comes to Business Applications - as much as possible, buy so you don't need to build.

However, you may have certain important requirements that standard Business Applications do not cater for. In such a situation, you would consider building add-on functionalities, or even a Business Application. We can help you determine how best to do so.

Complying with Organisational and Regulatory Changes

Corporations today are continually re-structuring, merging and divesting. Naturally processes and systems will need to be split, merged or re-organised. We've been quite active in this area given such corporate cycles.

In addition, tax, legal and/or regulatory changes will necessitate changes in the way your business handles the affected areas. Naturally, your SAP system will need a corresponding enhancement for such changes. Contact us so that we can advise you.